Facebook Livestreams Help Businesses Sell More Online in Their Retail Downtimes

By on May 14th, 2020

Shoppertainment” is a new term that has been emerging out of Southeast Asia in recent years. It’s a new trend where businesses and influencers sell goods online, usually through live stream events. When you want to sell more online, you have to take this new revolution seriously.

In the United States, Facebook Live offers businesses and individuals an incredible opportunity to connect with their audience in ways never before seen. They are truly powerful opportunities.

But are you taking advantage of them?

Facebook Live events and other live video options help businesses build their brand and connect with audiences that genuinely want the products they sell. It has been incredibly successful in China.

By turning e-commerce into entertainment, it has completely changed the landscape of online selling.

The Days of Traditional E-commerce Are Over

This isn’t marketing jargon. It’s a simple fact. Old e-commerce has been around for almost three decades. It’s outdated. It’s finished.

Live commerce is replacing it.

What had been the basic model for online commerce for years no longer works. Static images don’t have the same impact they once did. Basic webpages are bland and boring.

Today, people want to see live videos. They want to see live reviews. They want to see live product demonstrations. And, they want salespeople to sell them directly. Live.

That’s what live commerce offers. That is the powerful potential you get and how you sell more online.

How Can You Sell More Online with Facebook Live?

Essentially, there’s only one way right now: SoldLyve. The first and only fully interactive live commerce platform available in the United States is SoldLyve. And that means it’s the only way most businesses can turn their Facebook Live events into powerful selling opportunities.

How does it work?

When you set up a SoldLyve account, it seamlessly integrates with your Facebook business page, providing you an immediate opportunity to start selling to your audience.

Schedule a live event, market to your target audience, and then when the show starts, begin showcasing your products. Highlight the benefits, talk about how best to use it, offer information.

You will have entered in the quantity available for each product before the event starts, and your audience will see that number. Every time somebody wants one of those products, simply tell them to type ‘Yes’ plus the product number into the comments and it will automatically be added to their cart.

It is that simple. And the rest will see the available supply dwindle. Talk about inspiring more purchases! ‘Better get it now before it runs out!’

For example, if you’re selling produce and are talking about a delicious orange straight from the tree they could have the next day, and that product is listed as #195, someone would type ‘Yes 195’ into the comment section.

It’s placed in their cart. If you started with 20 oranges for sale, everyone would see that number immediately drop to 19. Then, as more people are buying them and they’re flying off the shelf (or the tree, as it were), the number keeps dropping.

This creates a sense of urgency, driving even more sales because people don’t want to be the one who lost out on a great product or sale!

You can’t do that with any other platform. You can’t do that with your basic Facebook Live event by itself. You can only do that with SoldLyve!

Why Should Your Business Utilize Live Commerce?

Online video and live streaming presentations are growing in popularity. Written copy certainly has its place, and well-crafted words can make a bug impact, but nothing beats live video.

Even prerecorded video is valuable, but it doesn’t offer that one thing live video does: the immediate interaction with your followers.

Brands and influencers alike are realizing this. When they’re talking about products, companies, or services they love, that interaction is critical.

When you have live, direct interaction with your audience and you have the ability to sell to them right away, just imagine how much revenue you can earn!

For example, let’s say you have a fitness store. You sell gym equipment or even supplements. Now, let’s say you go “live”.

You may talk about a new workout routine or encourage them to do a certain exercise. While you’re going through this routine, you can talk about the bench or weights or other gear you’re using.

These would be some of the products you’re selling and you only have a limited supply of them on in stock. When they have the opportunity to comment ‘Yes’ and the product number in the comment section of that live video feed, it can be added to their cart.

Maybe you want to talk about some of the supplements that are giving you a boost of energy. They see you in such great shape, looking fit and trim and energized, and they absolutely want to feel the same way.

Imagine how quickly your entire stock of those supplements would be gone in a matter of minutes!

People Choose Who They Want to Follow

On social media, people have full control over who they follow. They take the time to figure out what businesses have what they want. They focus on influencers they can trust.

This is all part of your brand management strategy. When you begin tapping into the emotional connection with your followers, engage with them using live videos, and you give them a sense of satisfaction, feeling like they came away the winner because they got one of the limited supply of products or got in on the flash sale, they’ll trust and love you more.

When you conduct a live stream session, it’s also a great way to figure out what’s generating the most interest in various products.

You’ll discover some fall flat while others you just can hang onto. This will help you determine your future inventory based on your target market.

When you incorporate the best live commerce platform into your Facebook Live events, you will sell more. It’s ideal for traditional brick-and-mortar retail stores and nearly any online business, especially those that understand the value of social media.